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Yes, Kanbosk is a local company and our friendly staff are happy to make an appointment with you.

P60s are generated and emailed in May, they cover a government tax year
Example, you will receive your P60 for 6th April 2018 to 5th April 2019 by 20th May 2019.

No, just let us know your hours worked and one of our team will invoice for the contract work done. We offer you a fully managed limited company and all the paperwork is completed by Kanbosk.

Just let us know who you are working with via a limited company and you have a managed payroll service with Kanbosk for all of your contract or temporary assignments.

No. To help source your next contract speak to one of the many recruitment companies in your industry who will be happy to help.

You should agree this with your various agencies.

You receive your holiday pay each week you work; it is shown as a separate line on your payslip.

This is printed on your payslip – if you need help please ring your account manager during office hours.

Payslips are emailed on Fridays as a pdf, should you want your payslip sent via “Whats-up” please notify your account manager.

We run payments every day of the week, except for UK Bank holidays. We can only pay you when we have received clear funds from all your agencies and then we process your pay by faster payment.

On receipt of your timesheet or invoicing instruction, we will invoice the agency or end-client for the time you have worked. Once payment arrives the necessary deductions will be made then a balance will be transferred to your account. We make payment via Faster payments to credit your account within two hours.

You are required to send your timesheets to your Agency or Client as normal and they will then inform us of your hours. In the event that you are asked to send them directly to us, you can email them to us.

If work for multiple agencies and want us to know your different hours for the different agencies, please feel free to email us.

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